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What do you get by working with us

We sell brand new spare parts of all kinds

We know the specifics of auto parts business very well, so we can order and provide spare parts for cars of all brands (not only for Japanese and Korean cars).


We import:

  • Brake system spare parts
  • Suspension system spare parts
  • Engine Parts
  • Clutch Parts
  • Parts of the electrical system
  • Parts of the cooling system
  • Filtres
  • Used engines


See all the brands we sell

We have about 200 brands of auto parts available in stock, all the parts are thoroughly checked when received (the probability of buying a faulty item is less than 1%)

We have created our range of imported auto parts in a way so that we could always offer you the best quality auto parts for the cheapest price possible. In total, we have in stock some 200 brands in stock.

We carefully check all the parts that we receive from our suppliers. We check whether the auto parts meet the parameters stated by the manufacturer (structure, dimensions, materials, production met, methods), whether there are no manufacturing defects. The probability of buying a faulty item is less than 1%.

When buying auto parts from us, you can always be sure that you are buying a high quality product.


You will be served by our sales assistants, who know the range of products by heart and will quickly complete your order

Our wholesale trade assistants have been working in our company on average for 10 years. They know the range of products that we sell perfectly well (the products that we have in stock, available quantity and exact location of particular auto parts in the warehouse), so that we can quickly respond to your request and complete your order.

Auto parts, which are not available in stock, can be delivered upon request within 2 - 30 days. We also have an urgent delivery option, which is one of the fastest on the market.

You can always consult with our employees, what would be better to buy and how to get your order delivered quicker.


We strive to ensure that by working with us you could always earn profits.

We always aim to sell the goods to you at good wholesale prices, so that you could earn profit.

We have about 6000 regular wholesale buyers and about 15 000 regular private clients. This confirms the fact that working with us is profitable.

We do not set overly high prices on auto parts that we sell, so for this reason we cannot provide delivery service to the client's office. You can pick up your order from the nearest shop or warehouse.

We have products of variable price / quality ratio, we aim to help you earn financial profit..