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You can contact us through the Internet, by e-mail, by phone or by visiting any of our stores

We recommend that you consult with us before you buy any auto parts

You can ask any questions (from availability and prices of specific items to technical enquiries) through the Internet (real time), by phone, email or  visiting one of our stores.


We will explain auto parts of what quality level should be purchased depending on the age and condition of your car

We have very good knowledge in the field of spare auto parts. For over 14 years we have been specializing in automobile spare parts trade, and therefore we can give you a piece of helpful and valuable advice regarding when spare parts should be changed and what level of quality is more suitable.

We will select the best suitable auto parts for you, taking into account the age, condition and mileage of your car.

Thus, we can help you save in those cases where this is possible, and avoid future costs that may arise due to incorrect choice of car parts.


You can consult with our sales representatives, when and what parts should be replaced, as well as check the condition of those parts.

Our sales assistants have been engaged engaged in sales of auto parts for an average of 8 years, they have a genuine interest in cars and have the necessary technical knowledge. Thus, they can give you a piece of valuable advice. Sales assistants will also advise whether you should replace some other related parts when replacing a certain spare part (for example, when replacing timing belt of the engine, it is also necessary to replace the stretch bearings).

We will explain how to install the spare part, what you need to pay attention to in case you want to check the quality of the provided repair services.

We will also advise when and how to check the condition of certain parts, and when they should be replaced with new ones.

By doing this, we will put every effort to make sure that your car remains in working condition for a long time, is reliable, and that its maintenance does not result in expected expenses.

In our shops You can always find any spare parts you need
We have a wide range of spare parts with variable ratio of price / quality.
Our sales assistants will provide you with good service and will advise which spare parts are more profitable to buy.