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Car repair workshops

Around 1000 companies use our services for their vehicle fleet.

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View the services offered by our car repair workshops

In case you sign a contract with our company we will give you a priority for repair works and quality guarantee

The companies that have entered into an agreement with our car repair workshops are served at our workshops without having to wait in a queue. We perform all kinds of repair works - most of the work is done at our repair workshops, but in case we cannot not perform some job, we will make sure that your car is taken to a specialized service center of our partners (we know the most reliable places where specialized works are at the highest level of quality).

We can quickly respond and adjust to your circumstances.

We provide warranty on works performed at our repair workshops. Guarantees on spare parts are available depending on the manufacturer's recommendations (1-12 months), warranty on repair works - 1 month or 2000 kilometers (in case your car reaches mileage of 2000 km earlier than 1 month, warranty on repair works will be based on mileage).


We carry out preventive checks so that your car would serve as long as possible and so that there would be no unscheduled downtime

We offer full range of services for your vehicle fleet. We keep records of repair works for each vehicle, and we make sure that our staff contacts you about the repairs that are recommended to be performed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in order to keep your car in working condition as long as possible (if you do not replace a specific item in time, it might cause damage to other auto parts), to keep your car operating costs as low as possible, and to prevent you from experiencing unplanned downtime when you need the car for work.


We prepare vehicles for technical inspection and for the winter season

We take care that your vehicles are fully prepared for the technical inspection and pass it from the first attempt (you will not have to lose you time and money for re-inspection)..

We help to prepare your cars for the winter season: we replace tires, check the suitability of battery, of coolant and of windscreen washer for the winter season. We will make sure that your cars are operated in winter safely , without any unpleasant surprises, and that they are always kept in working condition.

Regarding contracting, please contact Vladimir Bryzgalov: 
Tel. 370 5 278 9058, e-mail.