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What do we repair

We perform almost all kinds of repair works.

(If we can not perform some works, we will make sure that your car is taken to a specialized repairs center)

We perform general repair works:

  • Brake System repairs
  • Suspension System repairs
  • Cooling System repairs
  • Transmission System repairs
  • Repair of Exhaust Systems
  • Repair of petrol engines

We also perform specialized repair works:

  • Repairs of diesel engines
  • Computer diagnostics of automobiles
  • Repairs of Electrical System
  • Repairs of wheels
  • Body Repairs (restoration of geometry, painting)
  • Restoration of cables (and also restoration of hand brake, speedometer, accelerator, bonnet, gear lever, etc.)

Learn about the services our repair workshops provide for enterprises.

We provide services of high quality car repairs

We repair all models of cars and carry almost any kind of repair work.

Our repair workshops have all the necessary specialized equipment and our staff have been trained to repair any car models.

We have all the necessary equipment to perform almost all kinds of repairs (see list on the right). We also have specialized equipment such as equipment for the restoration of cables and computer diagnostics stand .

We strive to ensure that your car can be completely repaired in our repair workshops. However, if we cannot perform some repairs, we will make sure that your car is taken to our partners' specialized service center (we know the places where specific work is performed with the highest level of quality and at reasonable prices).

We have skilled repair staff employed in our repair workshops (they have car repair experience of 6-20 years), we repair approximately 220 automobiles per month.

We pay particular attention to ensuring that your vehicle is repaired with the best quality of works.

Therefore, we only hire the staff who know their job well (having experience of 6-20 years), the team of our staff members rarely changes (employees have been working for our company on average for 2-6 years).

We are repairing about 220 vehicles a month. We provide a wide range of services, guarantee high quality of work, experience of our personnel and the rapid execution of the works.

We have about 4000 regular customers, which is evidence of the high quality services we provide. Which companies are using the services of our repair workshops, you can see in the section for enterprises.

We know perfectly well which auto parts are the most suitable in each particular case.

We have our own stores selling auto parts, and we know what spares are most suitable in each particular case. We classify the spare parts we sell into three categories depending on their quality: the original, close to the original and economical.

We can always recommend to you what spares should be purchased, taking into account the age and condition of your car.

We provide discounts on auto parts purchased from our store (for Japanese and Korean cars). If you wish, we can also take care of the search for used spare parts.

Having repaired your car, we will check the quality of executed repairs and will tell you what additional repair work is recommended.

We strive to ensure that you avoid any unpleasant surprises after the repair of your car in one of our repair workshops, so after the repair of your car we always check the quality of performed work. We check to find out if the repairs have been performed at high level of quality, and whether there are any problems that you may have not noticed.

We keep records of performed repair works for each car.

Thus, we have the opportunity to inform you about the repairs that are recommended to be executed. 


We provide vehicle transportation, inspection and maintenance services

We deliver broken cars to car repair workshops

We will take care of the delivery of car to a car repair workshop in case it breaks down.  

We prepare vehicles for technical inspection, for the winter season, and also carry out preventive checks.

Before you go to the National Inspection of Motor Vehicles, we recommend that you check your car and fully prepare it at one of our repair workshops. By doing this, you will be sure that you drive on a fully serviceable vehicle, and that you do not have to pay for re-inspection.

We help you to prepare your car for the winter season, we change the tires, check the suitability for the winter season of the battery, of the coolant and of the windscreen washer.. 

We will take care of your safety by carrying out preventive checks. If your car is older than 10 years, we recommend checking it several times a year.

We will help you buy a car in good condition.

When buying a car, we recommend that you check its actual condition. We perform a fault detection, inspection of chassis, engine, etc.

In this way, you will know what can realistically be expected from the car you are planning to buy, we will help you buy a car in good condition.


We recommend how you should look after your car so that would serve you as long as possible

We will explain when and what kind of repairs or technical work should be performed.

Taking into consideration the condition of the vehicle, we will help identify the problem, determine what work should be performed. Part of the required work can be determined by the usual symptoms, and the other part is determined as a result of technical inspection.

Certain maintenance part replacement works should be performed regularly for all vehicles, depending on the mileage of the car. We will inform you when and what kind of parts should be replaced, because if you do not replace a particular spare part in time, it will cause damage to other auto parts.

We will explain to you what parts you should choose, taking into account the condition of your car

The auto parts we sell are classified into three categories: original, close to the original and economical. They differ from one another by price, quality and life time. Depending on the condition and age of the vehicle and on the type of item, it is always more advantageous to choose the items of a particular category, and we can help you make the right choice.

You can receive high quality repair services at our repair workshops.
We will take care of maintenance of your car, we will inform you what work is recommended be performed.
Our staff will provide you with pleasant service and make sure you are satisfied with the services, so that next time you would choose our car repair centre again.