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Quality of our services

We pay much attention to provision of good cutomer service: courtesy, politeness, friendliness.

We strive to provide the quality of services that will make want to come back to us again and again. 

We train our staff so that customers would be served politely, so that the staff would make every effort to adjust to the wishes and circumstances of the client. We make sure that our car repair workshops employ friendly and polite personnel.


We check the quality of the performed works, we keep records of repair works for each vehicle, and inform you about the works that should performed.

We make sure that the member of our staff, having completed repair works, checks the quality of performed work before handing the car over to the client. The member of staff will check how the car operates on the road, and whether there are no undetected faults. 

There are set standards for each car on how often and at what mileage certain auto parts should be replaced. If you do not replace a particular item in time, it may damage other related auto parts. That is why we keep records of performed repair works for each car and let you know when a particular item should be replaced.

If you repair your vehicle and perform its maintenance works at our car repair workshops, your car will be well inspected, will serve for a long time, and you will avoid any unpleasant surprises.


We have skilled repair staff employed in our car repair workshops (they have car repair experience of 6-20 years), we repair approximately 220 automobiles per month.

We strive to ensure that your vehicle is repaired by experienced specialists who know how and what kind of jobs should be performed.

We employ experienced staff (their related work experience is on average 6-20 years), we strive to ensure that the team of our staff members rarely changes (our car repair staff have been working at our company on average for 2-6 years).

We repair approximately 220 cars per month, so we can ensure that the needed work will be performed quickly and accurately.

We have about 4000 regular customers who appreciate the quality of our work. 


We return your car to you in the same condition as you left it with us (but repaired), we can additionally clean it with a hoover or wash your car

We make sure the member of staff does not soil your car during the repair, so that they return the car to you in the same condition you left it with us in order to avoid any inconvenience for you. In addition, we can save your time by additionally cleaning your car with a hoover or by washing it.

You can receive high quality repair services at our repair workshops.
We will take care of maintenance of your car, we will inform you what work is recommended be performed.
Our staff will provide you with pleasant service and make sure you are satisfied with the services, so that next time you would choose our car repair centre again.