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Our car repair workshops

We have 2 car repair workshops in Vilnius

Our car repair workshop on Kalvariju street is designed to provide body repair works and general repair works, whereas our repair workshop on Kubiliaus street is equipped to perform computer diagnostics, restoration of cables, and is intended to carry out repair of car electrical system.

At both car repair workshops we hold control over the quality of work, there you will receive good and friendly service.

You can purchase spare parts with a discount at our spare parts retail shops.


Car repair workshop in Vilnius


Kareivių str. 2c, Žirmunai

Tel. (8 5) 270 0778

Tel. (8 5) 278 9058

Mob. 8 685 77078

Mob. 8 699 63007

Map and directions for getting there?






You can receive high quality repair services at our repair workshops.
We will take care of maintenance of your car, we will inform you what work is recommended be performed
Our staff will provide you with pleasant service and make sure you are satisfied with the services, so that next time you would choose our car repair centre again.