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You can contact us through the Internet, by e-mail, by phone or by visiting any of our repair workshops

If your car broke down, consult with us. We can help you determine what the problem is, will explain whether the faults are dangerous, and whether you can continue using your car without performing repair works.

You can contact us with any questions through the Internet (live), by phone, email or by visiting one of our repair workshops.


We will recommend what repair works or technical support works should be performed.

After checking the condition of your vehicle we will help determine the problem, will analyze what works should be performed. Part of the work required can be determined by the usual symptoms, and the other part is determined as a result of technical inspection.

Certain maintenance part replacement works should be regularly performed for all vehicles, depending on the car mileage. We will inform you when and what parts should be replaced, because if you is do not replace some specific items in time, they might cause damage to other related auto parts


We will advise how you should look after your car so that it would served as long as possible and so that its maintenance costs would be as low as possible

As we repair thousands of vehicles a year, we easily notice a lot of different faults. Our experienced specialists (they have 6-20 years of related work experience) will advise you on how to operate your car to avoid the most common faults that occur due to improper maintenance of the car.

Making use of our experience, you can save time and money you spend on the operation of your vehicle. 


We can help you choose the most suitable parts for your car

The brand new spare parts we sell are divided into three categories: original, close to the original and economical. They differ from each other by price, quality and life time. Depending on the condition and age of the vehicle and on the type of the item, it is always more advantageous to choose auto parts of a particular category, and we can help you make the right choice.

You can receive high quality repair services at our repair workshops.
We will take care of maintenance of your car, we will inform you what work is recommended be performed.
Our staff will provide you with pleasant service and make sure you are satisfied with the services, so that next time you would choose our car repair centre again.