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About us

Our Mission

Trading spare parts of high quality, constantly expanding range of the products we sell and providing high quality services; exceed the expectations of all customers, taking into account their needs, using the latest technology.


Our vision

Being a stable and leading company selling auto parts and providing car maintenance services.


Our strategy

Increasing productivity, while maintaining the company's traditions and while making use of existing resources, expanding our company and implement its activities in other regions of Lithuania; constant improvement of our company's reputation.


Our goals

The growth of turnover, higher position in the market, promotion and improvement of teamwork, taking into account the specific talents of each team member.


Our Values

Respect and attention to our clients, taking care of our employees, being honest and always telling the truth, good teamwork aiming at accomplishing common goals.

We sell spare parts (both wholesale and retail trade) and perform car repairs

Our core business is brand new auto parts trade. We sell all kinds of auto parts for Japanese and Korean cars. We can find spare parts for any car models upon request.

We sell auto parts in 9 retail stores (7 in Vilnius and 2 in Kaunas). Wholesale trade accounts for 60% of our business. We have a modern system for ordering spare parts.

We have 2 car repair workshops in Vilnius, where we repair cars of all makes and models. We perform almost all types of repairs, but if it happens that we cannot perform some works, we will make sure that your car is taken to a specialized repairs centre of our partners.

Since we not only sell auto parts, but also repair cars, we can choose the best spare parts for your car and perform repair works at high quality level.

Our company was founded in 1996, since then we have chosen the brands with highest quality and have improved the quality of our car repair works.


We strive to employ skilled workers in our company who can give a piece valuable advice and can help you make the right choice

We want to ensure that by coming to our shop you could not only purchase the necessary spare parts, but also consult a specialist. Our sales assistants have been working for our company for an average of 8 years, they have a genuine interest in cars, and therefore they have very good knowledge in the sphere of auto parts.

The sales assistants in our stores will help you select the most suitable spare parts for your car depending on age and condition of your car, on your needs and on the type of car exploitation.

In our stores you can choose from about 200 auto part brands, which are classified into three categories: original (recommended for vehicles not older than 10 years), close to the original (recommended for vehicles older than 10 years) and economical (recommended for vehicles older than 15 years).


We strive to ensure that staff at our car repair workshop would fully take care of your car and that there would always be someone who can give you a piece of advice

We want to make sure that by contacting our car repair workshop you could not only have your car repaired, but also get full support in terms of technical maintenance. We carry out preventive inspections. We keep records of repair works for each vehicle, we inform you about the makers recommendations depending on the mileage of your car, we eliminate the problems you requested, and also check whether there are no other problems you may have not noticed.

In our car repair workshops you will be served by our experienced personnel who been engaged in car repairs for 6-20 years, so we can guarantee a high quality of car repairs and provision of valuable advice.


We put all possible efforts to ensure that every customer becomes our regular customer

We work to make you want to return to us again, and so that you could recommend us to your friends. We provide generous discounts to our regular customers.

In our repair workshops and stores you will be greeted by our friendly and helpful staff who will help you in any situations: whether you need to find spare parts with the best value for money, or if you need to get a piece of advice on the maintenance of your car, our members of staff will be always there to help and to solve your problems.

You can always the spare parts you need in our shops (with variable ratio of price / quality)
You can have have your car repaired at high quality level in our repair workshops, we will fully take care of your car's maintenance.
We will make sure that you have a reliable partner for spare parts delivery, and we strive to help you earn profit.