We sell all kinds of spare parts for Japanese and Korean cars

The new spare parts that we sell are divided into three categories: original, close to the original and economical. We have some 200 brand names in stock that have different ratios of price and quality. We are always ready to advise when and what kind of spare parts should be purchased. We check the quality of all items we sell. 
In our stores You can always find the spare auto parts which You need.

We offer repair workshop services for cars of all models

We carry out repair works (both general and specialized)for almost all types of vehicles. We give much attention to the high level of service provided. We serve about 220 vehicles per month, only experienced staff (with experience of 6-20 years) works at our repair shops. We also provide technical support for various vehicles. 

You can ask us for a piece of advice on any matter related to auto parts, car repair and maintenance of your car.

The target of our work is to ensure that you always have somebody to ask for a piece of advice on any matters related to your car. 


Depending on the condition and model of your car, we can advise what quality level of auto parts would be most suitable for your car.

We have very good knowledge in the field of auto parts. We have specialized in selling auto parts for more than 14 years and therefore we can give you a useful and valuable advice regarding the timing of repairs and the most suitable quality level of spare parts for your car.

We can help you save in those cases where it is possible, and avoid further expenses caused by a wrong choice of car parts.


We advise how to take care of your car, so that it would serve you longer and so that its maintenance would be as cheap as possible.

Since we repair thousands of vehicles every year, we can easily notice a number of various faults. We can advise how to operate your car in order to avoid the most common faults, which occur as a result of unsuitable maintenance of the car. Using our experience, you can save time and money that you spend on the operation of your vehicle.